Die Fachschaft Englisch freut sich, dass sie in diesem Jahr von einer Fremdsprachenassistentin unterstützt wird.

Hello everyone! I'm Eris, I'm from London and I'm the new English language assistant in the FRG. I am here in Düsseldorf for my year abroad since I study Germanistik at university and I was allocated here by the British Council.

During my time at the FRG, I'll be assissting the students in their English lessons as well as running a club for students who want to take the Cambridge Assessment English exam in a few months. I had plans to set up other English speaking clubs, but they seem impossible to manage during the pandemic right now, so we will have to wait and see how the rules and regulations develop but I remain hopeful!!

There is obviously not a lot to do outside of work right now, but I was able to catch a glimpse of Düsseldorf's contemporary art scene before everything was locked down. I hope to be able to learn a little more about Düsseldorf's underground art and music scenes (past and present!) during my time here, since I really love Kraftwerk and Neu!

I'm really enjoying my time in the school so far: the teachers and the students have been so lovely and welcoming and kind. I'm sad that I'll be gone by the time the actual school building is ready but even the temporary building has made a brilliant impression on me.