Goodbye Germany and Merhaba Türkiye!
The day of all days had come, the time had finally come. For us (Mrs Karacuban, Mr von Berswordt-Wallrabe, Felix, Izel, Nakije, Rana and Zeynep) it was off to Adana in Turkey. Our visit to the southern part of the country was the start for the Erasmus+ project "I am happy with myself" and we were ready to meet our partners from Lithuania, Belgium, Romania and of course Turkey.

Sunday - traveling to Adana

We met at 5:20 am at Düsseldorf airport.
Each of us was very excited and looking forward to our stay in Turkey.
After some waiting at the gate, the time finally came at 7:30 am. The plane started to taxi and then we were already in the air. Because our plane took off so early, we were all very tired. Some listened to music and the others caught up on their precious sleep.
After three hours of flying, we landed in Istanbul, but we had not yet reached our destination.
We had about an hour of "free time" at Istanbul airport. After the hour, we all met at the gate. We passed the rest of our waiting time by talking about many different topics, playing a game and of course laughing a lot. Afterwards, we continued our journey to Adana. This time it was only an hour and a half flight - which most of us spent sleeping or listening to music again.
Then we finally arrived at our destination! We waited for our suitcases, after which we made our way to the exit of the airport, very excited and full of joy. There, our very friendly and nice host families were already waiting for us. Then we said goodbye to each other and went home with our host family.

Montag - project start

Today was our first real day in Adana.
At 8:30 am we all met at the school of our Turkish hosts. Before the first lesson started, all teachers and students gathered in the schoolyard and sang the Turkish national anthem. It was something new and very interesting for us, as we had never seen and experienced anything like it before.
At 9 a.m. our programme started. All teachers and students who participated in the "Erasmus +" project gathered in the school's auditorium. There we were first warmly welcomed by the headmaster and the English teacher of the school. Then the English teacher introduced us to our week's programme. Afterwards, all the groups presented their schools. And after each presentation, the respective speakers received a small welcome gift. After each country had presented its school, the buffet was opened. There were many different and delicious Turkish specialities. With full stomachs, we went back to the auditorium, where we were divided into different groups of 5, one student from each country. Then we went into our groups and chose one of five questions and discussed it.
When we were done, we had free time. We said goodbye to everyone and then went into the city together with our hosts. We visited Merkez Park. There we first took lots of pictures and then we borrowed bicycles to explore the park. Afterwards, we went to eat simit together. After the meal we split up and went home.

Thursday - our trip to Cappadocia

Today we were in Cappadocia. We had to meet at the school at 6:30 am and then we left from the school at 07:00 am.
We had about three and a half hours of driving time. At first everyone was tired because most of us had got up at 05:00. After a while, almost all of us were in a good mood again, even without much sleep. Our bus became a party bus. We turned on English and Turkish music and then we all danced together. This made the long journey go by faster. After a few short breaks and a lot of fun on the bus, we arrived at our first destination.
We took a tour through the underground city of Derinkuyu.
The tunnel system was discovered by chance in 1963.
After the tour we drove on and saw more beautiful places.
Then it was time for lunch. We went to a big restaurant where we had many Turkish specialities to eat.
After lunch we danced and laughed together. Afterwards we had to continue our journey and our next destination was a shop where we could watch pottery being made. After being shown how to make pottery, we had time to buy some souvenirs, which were of course also made of pottery.
After this experience and a very nice day, we started our return journey.