Erasmus+ in Izegem

On 7 March 2020, five of us went to Izegem in Belgium with Mr Billowie and Mrs Swillus for our Erasmus+ project. The following day we spent mainly with our exchange students and our host families. In the afternoon there was a welcome party for all the students from the participating countries.

Monday - project start

On the first day of our project, we all met at school and discussed the schedule for the week. Afterwards we were given a tour of the school and visited the classes of our exchange students. Around 12 noon, we had lunch in the cafeteria. Afterwards we visited the town of Izegem in groups and the shoe and brush museum "Eperon d'or".


Tuesday - talking to Elien Spillebeen

On Tuesday, we started by discussing the events of the previous day. Afterwards, former pupil Elien Spillebeen came to visit us and described both her work as a peace woman and her work in Africa. After lunch we all went to Ghent. There we did some sightseeing on foot and by boat. Later we got some free time to visit shops and eat a little something like Belgian waffles. In Ghent we had dinner together and arrived back at school at around 22:00.

Wednesday - activity day

The following day we had another meeting. Afterwards we went to the sports hall and played football and basketball together with the teachers. The last thing on the agenda was forming groups. Each group had to present a woman who was important to us. We spent the rest of the day with our host families. I visited the city of Bruges with my family.

Thursday - Ypres

On Thursday, we drove to the city of Ypres and visited the Flandersfeld Museum and several cemeteries commemorating the Second World War. Finally we visited the Last Post, which is a military bugle played mainly in the Commonwealth countries.

Friday - presentation, graduation and farewell

On the last day we discussed what happened on Thursday and worked on our projects. Our task was to each choose a woman from our country who has done something important for our country, especially in relation to the issue of war. After our sports lesson and lunch break, this was to be presented. One student from each country was awarded. This time we didn't play football and basketball in PE, but danced with a dance instructor. Finally, we went to the town hall where everyone received certificates. The teachers gave a short presentation of their town and school. The next day we were back in Düsseldorf around 2 pm.

The trip to Belgium was a lot of fun because we were able to take a lot with us. We gained a lot for life and met new great people. In addition, we were able to improve our English skills and become more aware of the strength of women in different situations.