Die Fachschaft Englisch freut sich, bekanntgeben zu können, dass in diesem Schuljahr ein Fremdsprachenassistent an unserer Schule tätig ist. Lesen Sie, was er selbst über sich zu sagen hat:

My name is Charlie Geerts, and I am glad to have begun working at the Friedrich-Rückert Gymnasium since September as an English teaching assistant. I am originally from Wisconsin, USA and am excited by the opportunity to help German students not only learn English but also get in contact with American culture through personal interaction. American culture maintains a strong presence in German media and news, and I hope as an English teaching assistant that I can demystify some of the confusion surrounding my home country. Having taken part in a year-long high school exchange to Brandenburg myself, intercultural understanding has taken on a critical role in my understanding of the world, and I plan to convey some of those elements to the students during my stay at the Friedrich-Rückert Gymnasium. I am excited to see what the next 8 months hold and the ways in which both the students and I can mutually learn from each other in our interactions!

See you around!